Our expansion is a reflection of our desire to upgrade and provide accessible and satisfactory service for the patients. Marine Medical Services prides itself in continually providing professional services, over and above, personal concerns. Our staff has extended working hours, gone the "extra mile" to ensure continuous and prompt delivery of medical care.

Marine Medical Services will not rest on past laurels and instead continue to upgrade the quality of its services. We conduct patient satisfaction surveys to receive feedback on our services. We likewise welcome comments from all manning agencies.

Excellence has always been our driving force in the conduct of our service. It is because of our vigilance that we take measures in order to weed-out scalawags and misfits, those ambulance-chasing lawyers who view unsuspecting seafarers as prey in the guise of offering services to help them claim for higher disability compensations. Our vigilance has become deterrents at some point in order to maintain the balance in the maritime industry. Our country being a major provider of qualified seafarers to man international fleets would suffer a great loss if these unsuspecting victims – our seafarers, fall into the hands of these ambulance-chasing lawyers. This would eventually set the alarm driving away ship owners from hiring our seafarers. Thus, eventually becoming a threat to our unstable economy having lost potential means of keeping it afloat if the maritime industry is weakened by this.

It is therefore our utmost vision to maintain a company reputation untarnished by compromise as our contribution in keeping the maritime industry strong and stable. If we deemed it is necessary to come face to face with reality in the assessment of a disability for a particular seafarer, we arm ourselves with the objective findings based on the patient’s illness or injury. We don’t take sides and avoid the impression that our decisions may be influenced.


Marine Medical Services has tied up with Cardinal Santos Medical Center.

Cardinal Santos Medical Center has earned its place as one of the country’s leading medical center specializing in the fields of Brain, Spine, Heart, Cancer and Minimally Invasive Surgery. It is also known for its expertise in Pulmonary Medicine, Nephrology, Urology, Rehabilitation Medicine, and Obstetrics and Gynecology. Cardinal Santos Medical Center also takes pride in being the first and only hospital today to offer robotic solutions for rehabilitation therapy.

Its roster of advanced technologies include the Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) unit, the only non-invasive, non-contact diagnostic eye scan technology in the country today; the 128-Slice CT Scanner which produces twice the imaging power at half the radiation, and the Bone Densitometry Unit, which promotes bone health and prevention of osteoporosis through early detection.

Its MRI Center also boasts of the latest state-of-the-art Siemens high field 1.5 Tesla MRI which provides excellent image quality and Radiologists who are certified by the Philippine College of Radiology (PCR) and American College of Radiology (ACR) and specially trained MRI Technologists to perform the study promptly and efficiently.

Specialized Studies such as Breast imaging, Cardiac imaging, Whole-body MRI cancer or metastasis evaluation, Spectroscopy, diffusion, perfusion, functional imaging aside from Routine Studies such as Brain (orbits, pituitary gland, IAC, seizure protocol), Spine, Neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatogram, Extremities and joints and MRA of head, neck, chest, abdomen, renal, lower extremity vasculature/run-off are being offered.

Cardinal Santos Medical Center is also the only hospital in the country to offer a Gamma Knife Center which caters to “surgery without incision” procedure for treating brain disorders, heralded by experts for its extreme accuracy, efficiency, and outstanding therapeutic response.

Furthermore, Cardinal Santos Medical Center takes pride in being the only hospital in the country to have a Movement Disorder Surgery Center specializing in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Surgery for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, and Dystonia.

Cardinal Santos Medical Center is a member of the Metropacific group of hospital, LIP, PHI and is also ISO certified like our clinic which ensures world class healthcare service. You may view their website at cardinalsantos.com.ph.

Cardinal Santos Medical Center has allotted the whole 2nd level of their new building for Marine Medical Services. All the diagnostic examinations, specialist's clinics and hospital facilities are conveniently located within the hospital's secured premises. Thus, providing the seafarers a "one stop shop" for their various medical needs. We, at Marine Medical Services, believe that it is of utmost importance for the repatriated seafarers to be provided not only the best medical care, but their comfort and convenience should also be taken into consideration. We feel that a hospital-based post-repatriation clinic would best serve this purpose.


  • 24/7 Medical Assistance and ambulance services for emergency cases and airport arrivals even during weekends and holidays
  • Out-patient services for consultation and diagnostic work-ups
  • In-patient services – Marine Medical Services will extend full medical/hospitalization assistance and services including admission into the hospital
  • Medical escort service from a foreign country to one's home country and vice versa
  • Shuttle service at a certain Pick up and Drop off point to and from Cardinal Santos Medical Center
  • Medical reports are furnished to the manning agencies within 24 hour from the crew’s scheduled date of medical evaluation
  • Marine Medical Services staff will assist the referred crewmembers in all other hospital-related matters throughout the duration of their treatment
  • Referral and coordination with an accredited Physician for those patients referred in the province for Rehabilitation
  • Full Functional Assessment to objectively assess whether a disability is indeed imminent or not

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